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Friday, July 13 2012

Catholics Mean BusinessOne of the greatest challenges we will face during our journey of faith is learning to live out our faith in our daily lives - especially in the workplace.  Often times, we find ourselves to be good Catholics on Sunday, but then we struggle the rest of the week.  Catholics Mean Business is a 30-day guide to living out your faith while on the job.

Each day, if you can set aside just a few precious moments for God, Catholics Mean Business will guide you to a deeper relationship with God, and the others around you.  By focusing on key relationships in your life with daily meditations, this book will help you find the right mindset before you enter the office each morning.

Catholics Mean Business was written by John C. Connell, who draws experience from his own career to help us find a better way to do our jobs.  He does this by focusing on 4 key relationships:

  1. You and God
  2. You and Others
  3. You and Money
  4. You and Work

Each day, Connell focuses on one of these four relationships, beginning with a daily Bible verse.  It is then followed by a short reflection that you can easily read before work, on the train, during your lunchbreak, or before you go to bed at night.  Taking just ten minutes a day to read these reflections will help you to reflect on your day and refocus your life.

Personally, by day, I work for a Catholic company, so my faith comes through in everything I do, yet I can still struggle to stay focused on being a child of God at work.  As I have settled in to my job, it becomes easier to fall into the business aspects of my job and remember that the work I do is for the Lord.  But this is true in any company.  The work we do, whatever it may be, should always be done for the Lord, whether we are fixing cars, running multi-million dollar companies, or working in a ministry.

So, why does it matter?  What is so important about living out our faith at the workplace?  Your boss may not be asking you to live out your faith in the workplace, but it still matters!  From Day 18 of Catholics Mean Business, reflect on this quote:

"We are all capable of bringing to fruition our God-given and grandest dreams.  However, the possible realties we envision will be largely determinded by our actions and work ethic when not directed by an authority figure."

In other words, living out our faith is up to us - especially in the workplace.  Allowing our faith to shine in our lives, including at work, is something that only we can make happen.  By using Connell's daily devotions, you can begin to make that happen.  I recommend Catholics Mean Business to anyone seeking to deepen their relationship with God.  It will teach you to live out your faith, not just on Sundays, but everyday.

To purchase Catholics Mean Business, go to the website to find information about purchasing it in paperback or as a Kindle ebook.


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