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For Greater Glory
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Friday, June 08 2012

For Greater Glory

Less than a century ago, religious freedom was being taken away from an entire nation of people, and not in some distant third world country, but right here in North America.  For Greater Glory documents the struggles of the Mexican people fighting for their beliefs in the early 20th century.

For Greater Glory depicts the Cristero War, also known as the Cristiada, from 1926 to 1929.  During this tragic time in Mexico's history, Catholics were persecuted for practicing their faith, and priests were martyred simply for wearing their religious vestments in public.  The government sought to silence the country's religious leaders and establish a purely secular government.

While the movie tells the historical events of the Cristero War, it is more than a documentary - it is a dramatic telling of an impassioned people fighting for their liberties.  The Mexican government, led by President Plutarco Calles, led viscious attacks against Catholics, but small groups of rebels decided to fight back.  Eventually, this group of rebels, led by General Enrique Gorostieta, banned together to fight for their freedom.

Critics around the nation, from various liberal media outlets, have spoken negatively about this movie.  True, For Greater Glory is not Hollywood's latest $200 million movie, but the excellent acting, artwork, and script more than make up for it.  The movie is filled with both drama and action, and it will capture the hearts of both men and women alike.

Religious freedom has been a hot topic in the United States recently.  For Catholics, with changes to marriage, healthcare, and abortion laws sweeping the nation, state by state, our faith and values are under attack.  This movie, a look at the tragic past, can tell us much about where we are in the present, and where we may be in the future.

I encourage all people, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, to see this movie.  Not only is it gripping entertainment, but also a historical lesson in a tragic event that, for many years, was swept under the rug.  For Greater Glory is one movie that you will not soon forget.

To find out more, visit ForGreaterGlory.com, or watch the trailer below:


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