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October Baby
Movie Reviews
Wednesday, September 12 2012

October Baby

Every life is beautiful.  That is the message that comes through in a very powerful way when watching October Baby, the new movie just released to DVD and Blu-Ray.

October Baby tells the story of Hannah, a young woman who learns that her life is not what it seemed to be.  After collapsing on stage during a college theater performance, she is rushed to the hospital for treatment.  For years, she has struggled with a variety of medical problems, and her most recent episode will soon reveal why.

The movie takes us on the emotional journey of this young woman as she searches for answers.  Everything she once thought she knew about her life seems to be a lie, and now, she wants to find the truth.  While on her journey, however, she finds out that the past does not matter as much as the future.

October Baby is a movie that will bring you to tears almost immediately.  As a grown man, I am not afraid to admit that I cried throughout the story.  There are tears of sadness, anger, and regret, but there are also plenty of tears of joy.  The movie grips you from the very beginning, and it doesn't let go even after it ends.

The movie tackles one of the most difficult topics to address in our society today: abortion.  It does, however, take a look at abortion from a slightly different angle - that of a young woman who survived abortion.  Without spoiling the plot to the movie, we find out that Hannah is a survivor of a failed abortion attempt, and when the abortion failed, she is given up for adoption.  After finding out the truth about her past, she then begins her search for answers.

One of the greatest parts of this story is how it presented views that any Christian could relate to, regardless of denomination.  While many Christian movies are slanted very Protestant, or very Catholic, this movie actually opens up to all denominations equally.  In one respect, we are presented a story of a young woman from a Protestant background, but at one point in the movie, she receives some great spiritual advice from a Catholic priest.  I was impressed how the movie tied our various denominations together, realizing that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

Beyond the beautiful story, October Baby was beautifully produced.  The art and style sets the bar high when it comes to Christian movies.  Truly, the crew did a fantastic job at creating a beautiful move - on par with anything that Hollywood could produce.

When October Baby originally came out in theaters, it was on a limited basis.  Unfortunately, I was not able to see it at that time.  Since then, I have anxiously awaited its DVD release, and it was well worth the wait!  I would highly recommend October Baby to anyone looking for more answers on the topic of abortion.  Whether you are an abortion survivor, someone dealing with loss due to an abortion, or someone unsure where to stand on abortion, this movie has the power to open your heart to the gift of life.

Go out today and buy this movie - yes, buy this movie.  It is definitely something you will want to have in your DVD collection.  You will be so moved that you will want to loan or give it to friends - I promise you.

To find out more, visit OctoberBabyMovie.net, or watch the trailer below:


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