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RCIA Classes

The Purpose

Going through the RCIA process is a time meant for us to grow in our relationship with the Trinity, but it is also a time for us to learn the basic tenets of the Catholic faith.  To give structure to that learning process, the Catholic Church offers RCIA classes as a way for us to get a better understanding of the Catholic Tradition.  As someone new to the Catholic Church, it may be difficult for us to know where to begin.  RCIA classes are meant to guide us on our journey to Catholicism.

RCIA Classes - What You Will Learn

Although it may differ slightly from parish to parish, most RCIA classes cover some of the basic topics, such as:

RCIA Classes

This is only a portion of what you will learn.  Of course, the RCIA process is about more than learning facts about the Catholic Church; it is meant for you to internalize the material.  By professing your faith as a Catholic, you are doing more than saying that you know this information; you are saying that you believe this information.  RCIA class is meant to be more than Catholicism 101.  It is meant to help form the foundation of your life in the Catholic Church.

The Learning Process

While attending your RCIA classes, you will be guided by the priests of your parish and other teachers.  Sure, it is simple enough to show up each class and sit quietly in the back of the room.  Or, you can engage yourself in the class, and you may learn more than you could have imagined.  The leaders of the RCIA program were chosen for a reason - their wisdom and maturity in the Catholic faith.  Use them as a resource.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  They are there as a resource to you.

Beyond your RCIA class, the RCIA process is a time of growth and learning.  Much of this must be accomplished on your own.  The leaders of your RCIA program can only point you in the right direction.  Only you can make this a fruitful process.  Study what you learn each week in class.  Spend time in prayer, asking God to open your heart to all that He is showing you.  Finally, read the Scriptures.  They are a way for us to gain more depth and understanding of who God is and what He can do in our life.


To find your local RCIA class, search for a parish near you:


Topics of Faith

Enrich your faithWaking Up Catholic covers many of the topics that are central to the faith... and often central to debate.

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Bible Verses

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