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Managing My Own Household
Thursday, November 14 2013

Changes to this Site....

After some long consideration and prayer, one verse tells it best:

...if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how can he take care of the church of God? -1 Timothy 3:5, NAB

While this verse is speaking about bishops within the Church, I think that it holds true for any of us.  Our ministries and work for Christ must begin within our own home, and it has led me to a difficult decision.

Effective today, the Daily Bible Verses will become Weekly Bible Verses.  Instead of posting on a daily basis, I will post once on the weekend that will cover the weekend's Mass readings, or a current topic if it seems appropriate.

As many of you know, I recently had a baby back in August.  She is the apple of her daddy's eye.  However, it has forced a change in my priorities.  I have been pushing my body to its limit with a lack of sleep, and I had to make this difficult decision.

Beyond this website (which I wake up each morning around 4:30 to write for), I am a husband, dad, full-time IT guy, active parishioner, and graduate student with little time to accomplish what needs to get done, and I have realized that having too much on my plate has meant not spending enough quality time with my family.  And after battling illness for the past week and a half (I rarely get sick), it may be impacting my health, as well.

The truth is that my writing commitments consistently impact our daily lives.  It sometimes limits what we can do as a family, and my exhaustion may leave me distant from those I love most.  I need a constant dose of caffeine to get through the work day, and I am barely paying attention to my studies.  If my family is going to move forward, I cannot continue down this path.

For now, I want to focus on taking care of my family - my wife, my 8 year-old daughter, and my new baby girl.  I want to invest more time with them each week without feeling overly tired.  I need to focus a little more on my studies and career as I try to provide for them.  Before I can effectively minister to you, I need to be an appropriate minister within my own home.

Do not worry, though.  I am simply scaling back for awhile.  I will still post regularly on the weekends, and if the schedule clears up (after graduate school maybe), I can go back to posting more often.  For now, though, I will have to make the change.

I want to thank you for always supporting this site and showing me and my family so much love.  I hope that you can understand why we made this decision together.

Thank you, and God bless,



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