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Monday, December 02 2013

2 Timothy 2:15....

One of our top goals in sharing the faith should be to do so without error:

Be eager to present yourself as acceptable to God, a workman who causes no disgrace, imparting the word of truth without deviation. -2 Timothy 2:15, NAB

This verse focuses on sharing the Word of God "without deviation."  In other words, we should do our best to share the truth without mistakes.  Difficult, I know.

Try as we may, we do not always get it right.  Sometimes, we make mistakes - even when we are sharing the faith.  The Holy Spirit may be guiding us, but we still might say, write, or teach something wrong.  That's just the way it is.  Some of the world's greatest theologians have been wrong from time to time, so we shouldn't feel ashamed if we are occasionally too.

Simply making mistakes should not be a reason for us to stop sharing the faith.  Some will choose not to share the Gospel in fear that they say something wrong.  I understand this fear, and it was something that definitely plagued my mind when I was getting ready to release the book.

It is for this very reason that we should never feel alone.  We are surrounded by a Church full of people who feel the same way as us.  Working alone, especially under our own interpretations, we may make mistakes, but working together, sharing the Gospel as a community, we are less prone to those mistakes.

To solve my problem, I enlisted the Catholic Writers Guild to read Waking Up Catholic.  They assigned a team of reviewers to ensure that the book is true to the faith, and when they were done, they gave it the official Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval.Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval

The Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval is not the final step, though.  I am also seeking an Imprimatur from the local bishop and diocese to ensure everything is correct.  And when they send it back with changes that need to be made, I will gratefully do so.

Moral of the story:  nobody is perfect - even yours truly.  There are times that we will make mistakes when sharing the Gospel, but that shouldn't stop us.  Instead, we need to seek out the help of others to ensure that we are on the right path.

Teaching a religious education class?  Ask a fellow catechist to review your lesson plan.  Giving a talk in front of a group?  Ask a friend to review your speech.  Writing a blog?  Share it with other writers to edit your mistakes.  Simply sharing the faith with the world around you?  Use the Bible, Catechism, and teachings of the Church as a guide.

Evangelizing is not an individual competition.  It is a team sport, and we are all on team Catholic.  I admit that I could never make any of this possible on my own, so don't be afraid to enlist the help of others in your efforts to spread the Gospel.


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