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1 Peter 3:9
Saturday, October 22 2011

Trading Insults...

Ever notice how fights will go on forever until one of us gives in?

"Do not return evil for evil, or insult for insult; but, on the contrary, a blessing, because to this you were called, that you might inherit a blessing."  -1 Peter 3:9, NAB

Fact: people argue sometimes.  We will have disagreements.  Some of our disagreements are small, but some of them are much larger.  Some may be a very important topic to us, and others are completely pointless in the end.  The degree and reason why we fight will change from fight to fight;  how we fight should not.

It is completely natural to occasionally get upset with each other.  Fighting itself is not necessarily a sin; however, our anger can get the best of us, and that is what leads us to sin.  When our anger gets the best of us, we will often do and say things that we do not mean.  We go on the defensive, and we attack the other person's weaknesses.  It is when we degrade like this that we begin to sin.

As we fight, we may say things that hurt each other.  Sometimes, we are making valid, legitimate points about the truth.  Many times though ,we are simply saying things to hurt or insult the other person; we are trying to win the fight may bringing the other person down.  Because they are hurt, the person we are fighting with will return the insults right back at us.  Eventually, it becomes a war of who can say the most hurtful thing, and this can be very damaging to relationships.

 At one time or another, we will all eventually slip.  Our emotions will get the best of us, and we will say things that we do not mean.  When we catch ourselves beginning to act this way, it is time to step away.  Take a moment.  Get away from the fight.  Before you say something that you will regret, go catch a breather.  Instead of letting our anger get the best of us, it is better to walk away.

Here's the fun part.  Peter goes beyond telling us to walk away.  He tells us that we should not insult each other, and we should say a blessing in its place.  Imagine how hard it would be to fight with someone if they are saying blessings back at you.  You are busy trying to insult them, and they are being nice as can be.  Who fights like that?  After awhile, you will probably give up the fight because how fun is it to fight with someone who is not fighting back?

In every fight, it starts with one person taking the high road.  Do not let the fight continue on.  Do not trade insult for insult.  When others insult you, go the alternate route and return blessing for insult.  Try it once, and see what happens!


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