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Saturday, November 17 2012

Celebrating the Gift of Friendship...

There are few greater gifts in this world than the gift of a true friend:

He who is a friend is always a friend, and a brother is born for the time of stress. -Proverbs 17:17, NAB

For the second year in a row, my wife and I are hosting a party that we have dubbed "Friendsgiving" - a Thanksgiving celebration focused on our closest friends.  Traditionally, on Thanksgiving, the focus is on our families, but on this day, we wanted to show our friends how thankful we are to have them in our lives.

My wife and I are on the opposite ends of the friendship scale.  She has a large group of friends from High School (and earlier) that she still talks to regularly.  I, on the other hand, keep only a handful of close friends that are a part of my life today.  Which end of the spectrum are you on?

Whether you have 1 friend or 1,000 friends, few things have greater value.  Like a close family member, they celebrate your successes with you, comfort you in your struggles, and give advice when it's needed most.  Unlike family, they do not have to be there to support you - they choose to be there - and that makes it even more special.

Like I said, I am not one who has a large group of friends, I like to have a small group of trusted advisors in my life.  One of those people stood out from the rest, so I married her.  And let me tell you, when your wife is also your best friend, it opens up your relationship to awesome opportunities.  I want to thank her for being the best friend I've ever had.

I want to thank my current and former co-workers, many of whom I call friends, for being a part of my life today.  I want to thank the friends of my wife, who have accepted me into their group and call me their friend today.  I want to thank those friends that have come and gone; we may have drifted apart, but you were an important part of my life.

Have you taken the time to reach out and thank your friends lately?  Have you told them what they mean to you?  We have many things to be thankful for each year, but few could measure up to the gift of friendship.


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